While Captain Keith makes every effort to ensure the safety and comfort of The Capt. Keith passengers and crew, there are some things you can do to enhance your Montauk sportfishing trip and guarantee you have the best trip possible.
  • Bring a camera. There are many photo opportunities you won't want to miss;
  • You supply all food and beverages;
  • Bring a light jacket or windbreaker;
  • Wear, or bring, boat friendly shoes. Hard-soled shoes or shoes with heels are both inpractical and can be slippery on a boat. Sneakers, Tevas or boat shoes are best;
  • Wear clothing that is both comfortable and practical for fishing. Expect to get wet and dirty;
  • Bring a cooler and 1-gallon, freezer-quality Zip Lock bags for your filleted catch;
  • Bring sunscreen and sun glasses.

A Note On Sea Sickness: If you suffer from motion sickness, there are steps you can take to minimize the problem. The night before your trip, take your choice of motion sickness medication (Dramamine, for example). Take another dose first thing in the morning and be sure to eat a full breakfast. Do not wait until you are on the boat to take motion sickness medication. It will not work and you may experience motion sickness.

Keep in mind that nothing beats a good night's sleep. Try to stay away greasy, acidic food, as well as alcohol, the night before and the morning of your trip.