There are any number of charter boats to choose from. So, why choose Captain Keith? Unlike other charter boat captains, Captain Keith arranges, organizes and plans each trip to ensure that each passenger aboard The Capt. Keith has the Montauk sportfishing experience they want to have, from baiting the hooks to gaffing the fish or standing by the rails and watching your fellow fishermen do all the work.

Professionally Dressed Catches
At the end of each Charter, Captain Keith professionally and beautifully fillets your catch. You provide a cooler and 1 gallon, freezer-quality Zip-Lock bags, Captain Keith provides the skill.


Other Unique Features
  • Captain Keith contacts you personally two days before your Charter to finalize all arrangements;
  • You and your friends make all the decisions, with input from the Captain regarding weather, best fishing sites, etc.;
  • All tackle and safety equipment is included in the price of the Charter;
  • You are welcome to use your own tackle, if you prefer;
  • Interactive, hands-on trip;
  • Captain Keith will remove fish and re-bait hooks after each catch, as a service to his clients;
  • Child friendly charters.  Children of any age are welcome to accompany their parents on the boat.  While you are free to bring your own, the Capt. Keith is fully equipped with children's-sized life jackets.