In Memoriam

Floyd Thompson, Jr., was part of the Captain Keith family for many seasons. Moreover, along with his wife, Nicole, he was an extended part of another family, the Snug Harbor "Dock family" that has supported us for decades. Over the years, we could always count on Floyd to bring his amazing bright smile and infectious laugh to every outing. He never seemed to age and his youthful spirit became the life of every trip on the boat. He was eager and energetic and shared his love of fishing by bringing both family and colleagues on his trips. Always willing to work hard, he also abided by his mantra -- "Live in the Moment." Floyd, we salute you and will do our best to remember your mantra as we press on. You are missed!
Richie, the "Fluke-Finder" Dittmar became a customer several years ago and immediately gained a reputation for catching Fluke. Captain Keith crowned him The Fluke-Finder and coined the phrase, "If they're there, he'll catch 'em." No matter what season or the number of fish around, Fluke came to Richie. When we launched our new boat, Richie was a wonderful supporter and was the very first person to charter The Capt. Keith. The trip was a great success, and with that trip, he gained a new nickname: our goodluck charm. In the years since, Richie was usually one of the first trips of the season and we often based on our projections on the season's success on how well that trip went. Luckily for us, the Fluke-Finder never let us down. We thank you, Richie. You are missed!
John Beato, along with the "Beato Crew", fished with Captain Keith for a dozen years. Each trip included different participants, but all were welcome members of the wonderful Beato "crew". Then, each year, there were a few very special trips with just John and his family when they came to Montauk for a week-long vacation. Those trips always ended with Captain Keith joining the gang back at John's rented cottage and everyone enjoying the catch of the day specially prepared by the Beato family. Family and tradition are very important to the Beato's and they not only embody both, they made us a part of them. John, we thank you for sharing your family and traditions with us. You are missed!